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Grey’s Anatomy – S1E8

VO: You know how when you were a little kid and you believed in fairly tales? That fantasy of what your life would be? White dress. Prince Charming who’d carry you away to a castle on a hill. You’d lie in bed at night and close your eyes and you had complete and utter faith. Santa Claus. The Tooth Fairy. Prince Charming. They were so close you could taste them. But eventually, you grow up. One day, you open your eyes and the fairy tale disappears. Most people turn to the things and people they can trust. But the thing is, it’s hard to let go of that fairy tale entirely. ‘Cause almost everyone still has that smallest bit of hope and faith that one day they’ll open their eyes and it will all come true.

I is missing an ingredient in her cupcakes, but she won’t call her mother to ask. (B)
M wants to sleep at D’s house because she’s never seen where he lives. (S)
C goes to an abortion clinic and makes an appt. for the 16th. (S2)
A presents Deebo/Esther, an Orthodox Jew, to Burke — she didn’t stop bleeding after her root canal. (A)
A DR passes Mr. Duff to C + M for neuro, even though the girls insist he belongs in psych — he sees dead people and his family claims he’s a danger to himself. He thinks his seizures are visions. C tells him to grip her fingers. He zones out then says that someone on the 4th floor is going to die. Immediately, a code blue is called on 4th floor. (B)

Act 1:
Someone dies on the 4th floor. (B)
G agrees to cover C on the 16th. (S2)
G wants to grow his hair so he looks like D. (GM)
M asks D personal questions and D says they’ll figure all these things out. M refuses sex until she knows more about D. (S)
Burke + A tell Deebo’s parents that she needs a heart valve. They’re suggesting a porcine valve. The parents agree to go ahead. (A)
I + B biopsy Mrs. Glass’s breast, while she is conscious. Mrs. Glass brings up the psychic. I makes fun of the psychic and says she can see further into the future than he can. (C + B)
D examines Mr. Walker, who is numb from the thighs down and fell rock climbing. (D)
D asks the nurse for an MRI and M. (D + S)
G struggles at intubating a patient, while A assists. A tells him he’s confused the esophagus and the trachea. Burke walks in and does the procedure for him. (E)
C examines Mr. Duff, who hits on her. She says he’s having seizures. He zones out, then tells her she’s pregnant. (B + S2)
C asks B to get off the psychic case. I takes it. C gets Mrs. Glass’s breast cancer case. B tells her Mrs. Glass is pregnant. (B + S2)

Act 2:
M + D go through Mr. Walker’s film, but see nothing. M asks D a bunch of personal questions, which he evades. D tells her to lighten, then runs away. (D + S)
C + B give Mr. & Mrs. Glass their treatment options. C knows her science, but she bluntly tells them that none of Mrs. Glass’s treatment options will allow the fetus to survive. Mrs. Glass realizes she needs to choose between her life and her baby’s. (C + S2)
Mr. Walker cannot move his legs at all. D + M order a higher level MRI. (D)
Deebo refuses the porcine valve, because of her religious convictions even though her parents are for it. Deebo tells the DRs to come up with something else. (A)
I preps psychic for an MRI/CT and he swears he wants a chocolate cupcake with a white squiggle on top. I says she most have some chocolate on her face or hair. (B)
Interns are gathered. A makes fun of G for not doing the intubation properly. C points out a nurse and tells G he needs to have sex with her. I complains about the psychic, while playing with her phone. (E + B)
Mrs. Glass complains to C that after tons of fertility treatments, she got pregnant at 47. C says that with treatment, Mrs. Glass will likely survive but if Mrs. Glass skips treatment, she won’t see her baby go to kindergarten. (C + S2)
Mr. Walker says he cannot feel his fingers. D decides to operate. M says there’s no proof that he needs surgery. D says that if they wait any longer and this things expands into his brain stem, they will have a paralyzed man who can’t breathe. He’s trusting his instincts. (D)

Act 3:
Deebo tells A at least she has God even if she has nothing else. (A)
I tells B the MRI on the psychic revealed nothing, but she found an AVM. She tries to schedule the OR for the night, but B tells her to follow protocol. (B)
D + M operate on Mr. Walker. D insists that Mr. Walker has a spinal MEDICAL MEDICAL. (D)
Mr. & Mrs. Glass agree to go ahead and evacuate the baby and start chemo. B lets C work on Mrs. Glass. (C)
G asks A how a jackass like him gets all the girls. A says G thinks too much. He needs to dance and jab. (E)
A finds Deebo a bovine graft. (A)
A runs to Deebo’s room while she’s praying. He makes fun of her then tells her that he found a bovine option. Burke yells at A for presenting a much more complex procedure to the patient before consulting him, the surgeon. Burke throws A off the case. (A)
I tries to convince Mr. Duff to sign surgery authorization forms. He calls her ‘cricket’ and she freaks out. (B)
Mr. & Mrs. Glass tell C they’ve decided to keep the baby. (C + S2)
C goes to lie down and Burke walks in. He says he hasn’t seen her in a while. He tells her he’s never done a bovine replacement before and doesn’t know what he’s doing. C says. “Look it up. Research it. And get someone to assist you.” (S2 + A)
M + D look for Mr. Walker’s clot. Mr. Walker’s machines start beeping. (D)

Act 4:
M + D continue looking. (D)
Nurse asks G to intubate a patient. G initially hesitates, but then successfully intubates. Burke watches and realizes he can learn a new procedure as well. Nurse is impressed by G. (E + A)
Burke tells A to get a bovine valve and scrub in to assist on Deebo’s surgery. He tells her to find Deebo a rabbi to bless her before surgery. (A)
D finds the blood clot and shows it to M. M says she’s amazed D did all that on faith. (S + D)
Mrs. Glass tells C that her husband and child will be together long after she’s gone, but C doesn’t understand. (C + S2)
I brings consent forms to Mr. Duff again. Mr. Duff says he doesn’t want to lose his visions, but he might after the surgery. He signs the consent forms. (B)

Act 5:
A female rabbi sings to Deebo in the OR, while a bovine valve replacement expert assists via satellite. (A)
In the tunnels, the interns gather. M can’t believe she tried to talk D out of Mr. Walker’s clot surgery. G says he has a hot date, then takes a condom from A. I says Mr. Duff had surgery. Her mother used to call psychics all the time. The bills piled up and she had to use her waitress money to pay the bills, then she left. Mr. Duff has been saying things to her that she can’t explain. (E + D + B)
M examines Mr. Walker, who has more feeling coming back to him. Mr. Walker can move his finger. (D)
VO: At the end of the day, faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it. It’s like one day you realize that the fairy tale might be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it’s not so important that it’s happy ever after, just that it’s happy right now. And once in a while, people may even take your breath away.
Mr. Duff tells I that she needs 1 TBS coconut extract for her recipe. (B)
M wants to know where D is taking her. He says, “trust me”. (S)
G leaves on his date with Nurse. (E)
C sees Mr. & Mrs. Glass leave the hospital. (C)
Burke + A check up on Deebo, who is fine. (A)
I makes cupcakes with coconut extract, then calls her mother, whose nickname for her was “cricket”. (B)
D answers all of M’s questions and takes her to his “house” which is a trailer on a lot of land which hasn’t made plans for. He says, “the rest you’re just gonna have to take on faith.” (S)

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Grey’s Anatomy – S1E7

VO: OK. Anyone who says you can sleep when you die…Tell them to come talk to me after a few months as an intern. Of course, it’s not just the job that keeps us up all night.

M’s alarm goes off. D + M are rolling around in M’s bed. She tells him he has to leave because she has pre-rounds and he has to leave before G + I see him. (S)
I + G didn’t sleep at night. (S + I)
D sneaks out. (S + I)
I + G both see D. They argue over why M is having an affair with D. (S + I)
M walks in. I asks her with whom she was having sex; M says it was no one they know.
In the parking lot, C looks miserable. A runs to work everyday. (S + S2 + I)
C says she has the flu. (S2)
In the locker room, G + I complain, in front of A + C, about not being able to sleep because of M’s sex life. (S + I)
B gives the interns the rules of the world for the day — G, C, A will be in clinic.
B takes one look at D + M and realizes neither one of them got any sleep. She knows they were having sex. She gives M all the work she can think of. (S)
A woman runs in with her BF, JP, and says she needs immediate help because JP swallowed her keys. JP says he didn’t want her to leave. B gives the case to I. (A)
M has an underage patient Claire, who potentially caught a bug in Mexico. She’s been weak, lost weight, and passed out in the shower. She insists on getting antibiotics and being sent home. M gets rid of Claire’s dad and overbearing mom and gets her alone for an exam. (B)
Digby comes in with a GSW, insisting he has an appt. His arm is bleeding. A + C rush him to the pit. Digby says his buddy shot him on purpose because he likes the scars. (C)

Act 1:
Digby believes that pain is his ethos. His wrestling coach used to say, “it’s all how we process pain”. Digby + A are both from Iowa and were both on wrestling teams, but for rival schools. (C)
Claire has 4 scars on her stomach and has obviously had surgery recently. (B)
G works with Jamie’s, whose foot twitches, which is tied to a brain abnormality. G goes to get D. (D)
B tells I if the lady needs her keys to get rid of her BF, I should help her out. (A)
I tells B the guy needs a bronchoscopy. B says it’s time for I to do it on her own. (A)
B rides M and her list of things to do. (S)
C is horribly sick, but pretends she isn’t. (S2)
M tells B that Claire had an illegal operation in Mexico, but it wasn’t an abortion. (B)
B rides M even harder and gives her even more things to do. (S)
C blames Burke for giving her the flu. (S2)
G asks I if she’s seen D. I blames M for having an affair with D. G blames D for having an affair with M. (S)
G discovers Dr. Taylor, the anesthesiologist, drinks bourbon before he enters the OR. (D)
D orders G to get new film of Jamie’s brain because her brain could look dramatically different. (D)
A describes Digby to Burke, who recognizes his scars. B recognizes Digby by X-ray. (C)
B + M realize that Claire has had a poorly executed gastric bypass. (B)

Act 2
B + M tells Claire’s parents about the bypass. Claire’s mother goes on about how overweight Claire is. Everyone notices. (B)
B tells Claire’s parents there were complications with the bypass. She may never completely recover. (B)
D helps Jamie in front of G and G is hostile but finds it hard to hate him. (D)
JP’s GF says he swallowed her keys to keep her from leaving and one time he called her therapist, pretending to be his therapist to find out what she’d said about him. All of this while I examines JP. (A)
Burke + A see Digby, who’s running a fever due to the stress on his body from the GSW. There is blood in Diby’s collapsed lung. A + Digby bond over Iowa wrestling. Digby is excited about his lung procedure. (D)
M + Claire’s parents visit Claire. The dad is concerned about Claire. The mom still wants Claire to lose weight. M tells Claire that her parents have decided to reverse the bypass. Claire protests because it’s her body. (B)
G watches as D tells Jamie’s parents that her entire left hemisphere is diseased —Rasmussen’s encephalitis — and needs to be removed, otherwise she’ll die. (D)

Act 3
D tells Jamie’s parents that the remaining neurons will compensate for the loss and the removed portion of her brain will be filled with brain fluid. (D)
D invites G to scrub in for a hemispherectomy. (D + S)
C munches on snacks. G tells her that he gets to scrub in on a hemispherectomy. G mentions he’s finding it hard to hate D. Dr. Taylor (alcoholic anesthesiologist) walks by. C tells G she knows about M + D’s affair. G tells I, who’s coming up the stairs, that C knows. C tells I + G that it’s been going on forever. G complains about how D is about to go into major brain surgery without sleep. C notices that G is jealous. I notices that C isn’t jealous. C justifies the affair by saying that M works hard and is good at her job. A shows up. G mentions that Dr. Taylor drinks before surgery. A tells G not to say anything. A mentions sex. Everyone leaves. (S2 + D + S)
Burke operates on Digby’s lung, while he’s conscious. A gives Digby a polaroid of his operation. Digby gets really tired as he talks to A about wrestling. (C)
B + M operate on Claire. B gives M a ton more work. M makes a comment that triggers B’s anger. They argue. B sprays M with the contents of Claire’s stomach. (B)

Act 4
G + D walk into Jamie’s surgery. Dr. Taylor walks in, smelling of alcohol. G accuses Dr. Taylor of drinking. G says, “you shouldn’t take advantage of someone else’s vulnerability.” D throws G out of surgery but tells Dr. Taylor he needs to be present during the operation. (D + S)
I works on JP. His GF complains that he wanted her to quit her job when she made more money than him. She says the mysterious phone calls he was getting from “other women” were really coming from his mother. I tries to get JP’s GF out of the room. The key moves farther down. JP’s GF panics and quiets down. I removes the keys. GF has another fit. I gives her the keys and tells her to leave. JP says she’ll never find where he parked her car. (A)
M + B joke about B giving M the run-around. (S)
M walks into the locker room, covered in Claire’s partially digested lunch. I + C are disgusted. I says it’s karma. (B + S)
B walks in and says D needs an intern to replace G. I + C volunteer. C looks very sick. When B talks to M, I has a fit and shouts that she knows about the affair. B calms her down and sends C to D’s hemispherectomy. B is pleased. (D + S + I)
A tells Burke that Digby’s tests reveal something else wrong. (C)
C shows up to hemispherectomy and finds that Dr. Taylor smells of alcohol. She knows that G said something and was removed from surgery. (D)
M tells Claire’s parents that they reversed the bypass but lost a significant portion of the bowel. Claire’s mom complains about Claire. M tells her that she’s the source of Claire’s problems. They argue. The dad listens. The mom insists that she’s not the problem. The dad tells the mom to shut up. (B)
Digby tells A he’s freezing. Digby has a new tattoo on his calf, which is infected. He knew about the infection but never told the hospital. A puts him in ICU and gets him on antibiotics. (C)
D is operating on Jamie as she starts to wake up. D + C try to get Dr. Taylor to respond, but he’s asleep. (D)

Act 5
D shouts at Dr. Taylor, who wakes up and treats Jamie. Dr. Taylor asks for coffee. D asks for a new anesthesiologist. G is relieved. (D)
A tells Burke that Digby went into multi-system organ failure. Digby flatlines. A + Burke struggle to revive him. (C)
C goes on about how she loved watching the brain surgery. D motions to the gallery to speak to G. (D + S2 + S)
D explains to G why he threw him out. G walks off. D tells G that he was out of line throwing him out. He should’ve thrown Dr. Taylor out. (D)
D tells G that he knows he saw him leave the house this morning. D tells G that he’s not using M and that he doesn’t favor her. G exposes a bit of his crush. They walk together to Jamie’s parents. (S + D)
M talks to Claire, who is relieved to learn that she won’t gain weight. M tells her that social services is going to contact her parents. (B)
Burke calls TOD for Digby. (C)
M walks into her kitchen at home to see I icing a cake. I complains about how hard she had to work compared to M and how she walks into the OR and she has everyone’s respect. I says M is throwing her life away over a few surgeries and some hot sex. I says M is falling in love with D. M denies this. They share a chocolate cake. I says she’s not getting any sex. (S + I)
VO: Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we’re wired that way. Because without it — I don’t know — maybe we just wouldn’t feel real. What’s that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.
A is frustrated. (C)
D + G watch over Jamie. (D)
Burke brings some food to C, who’s not in her sleeping quarters. C is in the bathroom taking pregnancy tests. (S2)
M + D go to bed but decide to just sleep. (S)

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Grey’s Anatomy – S1E6

VO: A couple hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success: Never leave unto tomorrow, he said, that which you can do today. This is the man who discovered electricity. You’d think more of us would listen to what he had to say. I don’t know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I’d say it has a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure. Fear of pain. Fear of rejection. Sometimes the fear is just of making a decision. Because, what if you’re wrong? What if you’re making a mistake you can’t undo?

M snoozes her alarm and just lies in bed thinking.
G struggles to take M coffee and spills it all over himself. I teases G about not asking M out. (GM)
M snoozes the alarm again and keeps thinking.
G + I discuss M being late. I says G isn’t M’s BF yet. (GM)
M runs into D in the parking lot. M says B isn’t speaking to her. As they walk in together, he asks if she wants him to back away. She says she can’t decide. He tells her to take her time. (S)
Burke + C have sex in a lab. He wants to talk about their relationship, but she doesn’t. (S2)
C + M are both late. (S + S2
M asks C if they can kick her out if B tells anyone. C says she’ll just get edged out, blacklisted, banned from his surgeries, passed up for Chief Resident. (S + S2)
M keeps saying she has to end it. C tells her to shut up. (S + S2)
C says she’s living the American dream and should just deal with it. (S + S2)
M says no good can come from sleeping with your boss. (S + S2)
M + C join B + interns. B only acknowledges C’s tardiness. She’s not speaking to M. (S + S2)
VO: Whatever it is we’re afraid of, one thing holds true. If by the time the pain of not doing a thing gets worse than the fear of doing it, it can feel like we’re carrying around a giant tumor…
B warns the interns to maintain decorum when the Annie’s door opens. (A)
Interns see Annie and her huge tumor. (A)
VO: And you thought I was speaking metaphorically.

Act 1:
A presents Annie whose gigantic tumor is pressing up against her lungs and giving her shortness of breath. (A)
Burke walks in. (A)
Burke tells Annie that I will take her for a CT, but Annie requests A. (A)
Interns discuss the tumor — each with their own personalities.
B presents the rules of the world — Annie’s surgery will take most surgeons off the floor.
C sees Burke in the hallway and tells him she wants in on the tumor surgery. (S2 + A)
Burke reminds C that they’re not talking. (S2)
Burke tells C to get family history from Annie’s mom. (A)
I presents Mr. Harper who is unconscious and recovering from surgery. (B)
G presents Mr. Lavangie, who has Parkinson’s, but is only being treated for spinal pain. D picks M to prep Mr. Lavangie for the procedure and assist. (C)
B follows D into an elevator. She tells him the next time he favors M, B will make sure she doesn’t see the inside of an OR for a month. (S)
A helps Annie into the CT. (A)
A’s pager is low on battery. (I)
Annie hears A talking about her inability to get treatment through the CT microphone. (A)

C gets Annie’s history from her mom. Annie’s mom says they put off the decision because Annie was scared. C says the right thing to do would’ve been to call a year ago. (A)
M helps Mr. Lavangie. His daughter runs after M and asks her to talk him into brain surgery, so he can walk her down the aisle. He is a candidate, but he’s afraid of brain surgery. The daughter tells M it’s hard having a parent who’s falling apart. (C + M)
Burke + D compete over who gets to operate on Annie first. B asks if it’s worth it to operate. Burke says it’s worth a try. (A)
M talks to D about talking Mr. Lavangie about brain surgery. B watches them. D, being conscious of this, chews out M. He tells her not to bother scrubbing in for Mr. Lavangie’s surgery. (C + S)
Burke + A present the case for surgery and its risks to Annie and her mom. The mom decides that Annie will have the surgery. Annie doesn’t want A in her surgery. She quotes something he said while she was in the CT machine. (A)

A tells Burke that the microphone shouldn’t have been on and he didn’t realize Annie could hear him. Burke bans A from any OR for a week. (A)
In front of Burke + A, C calls Annie ‘fatally lazy’ and A demands to know why C doesn’t get banned. (A + S2)
Burke gives G the chance to scrub in instead of A. (A)
G preps Annie and asks her why she put off going to the doctor for so long. Annie says that every time she went to the hospital, someone died, so she avoided it. (A)
G says he avoids asking M out. (GM)
At lunch, C + M talk about M + D’s affair. M says she’s going to end it. C tells her not to because she’s fully qualified for her job and having an affair doesn’t change that. (S + S2)
I + A show up. A says Burke wants to have sex with C, which is the only reason she got Annie’s surgery. (A + S2)
G shows up and tries to ask M out in front of everyone. (GM)
D examines Mr. Lavangie. He paged M. She shows up to hear them talk about brain surgery. Mr. Lavangie refuses. His daughter storms off. M tells Mr. Lavangie that it’s the daughter’s life too and all he has to do is try. (C + M)
While scrubbing in, B tells G + C they’ll be retracting Annie’s 100lb tumor for 14 hours. (A)
M tells D that Mr. Lavangie has agreed to brain surgery, but only if they do it today. If he leaves, he won’t come back. (C)
M tells B that she didn’t know that D was her boss when they met. B says she only cares because it affects her day. B warns her that the other interns will get jealous. (S)

Act 3:
I + A are the floor interns for the day. A patient throws up on A and he goes to change. (I)
During Annie’s surgery, C requests another bag of O- blood. (A)
I talks to Mr. Harper’s wife, but the nurses call her for help. They say A is not responding to pages. (B + I)
A still has to change his pager battery. (I)
D drills through Mr. Lavangie’s brain, while he’s awake and conscious. M holds Mr. Lavangie’s hands. (C)
The nurse gives I a million things to do. I tells him to page A, who isn’t answering his pages. (I)
A shows up to the gallery to watch Annie’s surgery. (A + I)
Bailey orders more O-. (A)
They finally get Mr. Lavangie to stop shaking. (C)
M tells D he can’t ask her to scrub in when she hasn’t earned it and he can’t treat her like crap when she hasn’t earned that either. She says she got herself into this mess and she may or may not get herself out. (S)
Mr. Harper is crashing. I runs in but she doesn’t know what to do. He will die before anyone else shows up. The nurses walk her through re-opening her chest after surgery even though she’s never even seen done before. (B)

Act 4:
Mr. Harper has no pulse. I can’t reach the Mr. Harper’s clot. She uses her hand to get to it then massages the heart until it starts. (B)
D walks into Annie’s surgery. (A)
In the gallery, A asks out M. M tells him she’s seeing someone. (S)
I walks into Annie’s surgery and tells them that she opened Mr. Harper’s chest bedside. (B)
A yells at I for not paging him. They get into an argument. A learns that his pager battery is dead. (I)
Annie gushes blood over D. B asks for more blood. (A)

Act 5:
Annie needs blood and they’ve already exhausted the supply they set aside for her. A rushes to get Annie some blood. (A)
Annie’s surgery is going wrong. (A)
A gets the blood. (A)
Annie dies though D tries to revive her. D calls TOD. (A)
A runs in with blood, as everyone is leaving. He stares at Annie’s dead body. (A)
Burke opens Mr. Harper’s chest.
B + G tell Annie’s mom that she died.
M walks with Mr. Lavangie. Mr. Lavangie practices walking his daughter down the aisle. (C)
Burke asks for a definition of his relationship with C. They have sex. (S2)
A tells G that M is seeing someone. (GM)
G shows up to M’s room with 2 beers and realizes she’s out with someone. (GM)
M asks D to spend the night with her. (S)

VO: The early bird catches the worm. A stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates is lost. We can’t pretend we haven’t been told. We’ve all heard the proverbs. Heard the philosophers. Heard our grandparents warning us about wasted time. Heard the damn poets urging us to seize the day. Still, sometimes, we have to see for ourselves.

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Grey’s Anatomy – S1E5

VO: Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was…like…if you’d get a bike for your birthday or if you’d get to eat cookies for breakfast? Being an adult…totally overrated. I mean, seriously, don’t be fooled by all the hot shoes and the great sex and the no parents telling you what to do. Adulthood is responsibility…Responsibility…it really does suck. Really, really sucks. Adults have to be places and do things and earn a living and pay the rent and if you’re training to be a surgeon…holding a human heart in your hands. Hello! Talk about responsibility. Kind of makes bikes and cookies look really, really good. Doesn’t it?

M in the shower.
M walking through a field
M walking into nursing home
M talking to nursing home agent. (M)
M is told that while she’s still lucid enough to consent, mom needs to sign everything over to M — even though she hasn’t slept and she’s having her first shot at heart surgery today. (M)
M nods off, holding Mrs. Patterson’s heart, while assisting Burke during heart surgery.
M wakes up and gently releases Mrs. Patterson’s heart. (A)
Interns in gallery — each presenting their own personality. G wants to be able to hold a human heart. C claims an ape can hold a human heart. I is having a party to welcome her boyfriend. She has practically invited all the hospital staff. C claims I hates having sex with her BF. C is also obsessed with non-jocks being invited to the party. She doesn’t want pediatrics or psych invited. G is obsessed with the fact that I hasn’t cleared the number of people she invited with M. No one has invited A. (I)
Mrs. Patterson’s vitals drop. Her heart isn’t pumping on its own. Burke uses paddles to charge the heart. It starts pumping on its own. (A)
M finds a tear in her surgical gloves, where her nail must’ve cut through when nodded off, while holding Mrs. Patterson’s heart. (A)
G + D congratulate M on holding her first human heart. (A)
M tells G that she suspects she punctured Mrs. Patterson’s heart. G tells her not to tell Burke because Mrs. Patterson is fine. (A)

Act 1:
G looks at Mrs. Drake’s X-ray and finds that her lungs are cloudy. He recommends a procedure. B and R tell him that the hospital operated on her several years ago, so she’s familiar with lung operations. (B)
Junkie tells A + D that he experiences intense pain in his back and only strong doses of certain drugs will work on him. A + D catch on that he’s an addict. (C)
A + D discuss Junkie. A says he should check the database for history, refer him to a program, and discharge him. D tells A that regardless, A still needs needs to treat Junkie for pain. First rule of pain management is always rule on the side of caution. D tells A to start a central line because they can’t use his veins. (C)
G talks to Mrs. Drake, who says she stopped smoking years ago and still had trouble breathing. (B)
Mrs. Patterson is still unconscious after surgery. Mr. Patterson is worried about her. M monitors her vitals and says she’s doing fine, but not well. (A)
I works on Mr. Sturman, who is in for a bowel obstruction. He hasn’t pooped yet. He went to medical school but dropped out because it almost cost him his marriage. I says she believes she can have both. Mr. Sturman says her first responsibility will always be the patient. (D)
Burke gives C a cup of coffee/proposition. She’s initially shocked, but then accepts the coffee. (S2)
M washes her face. (A)
R + B + G operate on Mrs. Drake. R finds something unusual in her chest. They open her up and remove an old, bloodied towel from inside her lungs. G asks where it came from. R says his best guess was that it came from her surgery 5 years ago. (B)
In the hallway, C, B, R, G discuss the towel. R says it’s not good for the patient or the hospital. B tells C to research Mrs. Drake’s previous surgery. B tells G to stay with Mrs. Drake because she likes him. (B)
G says he has plans to leave at 6pm. B invites herself to the party. (I)
I orders party supplies. A hears her. She tells him she’s ordering office supplies. (I)
Mr. Sturman asks if he can come to the party if he poops. (D)
D helps Junkie, who’s in severe pain. (C)
D finds A in the library and demands that A not pass judgement on addicts and immediately start a central line. A says Junkie has been in 7 hospitals the past few months. D says Junkie is an addict but his pain is real. A goes to start a central line. (C)
Mrs. Drake tells G that R told her she had a towel inside her and is scared. (B)
C goes through files and finds that Burke was at Mrs. Drake’s surgery. (B)
C takes files to B, who tells her to keep this to herself while they work it out. (B)
D asks M out to dinner, and tells her she should’ve invited him to the party. She turns him down. (S)
Blood starts gushing out of Mrs. Patterson’s sternum. M tells them to get rid of Mr. Patterson so they can work on his wife. M + Burke struggle to figure out what went wrong. M confesses that she tore through a glove while holding Mrs. Patterson’s heart. Mr. Patterson can’t believe his ears. (A)

Act 2:
Burke yells at M for not speaking up before Mrs. Patterson’s chest was closed up, then confessing to something that probably wasn’t her fault in front of Mr. Patterson. Burke shows M that Mrs. Patterson’s ventricular walls are weak and this episode had nothing to do with a nail mark on a heart. R walks in and demands copies of Mrs. Patterson’s chart in his office before COB. In the morning, the two of them will meet with R and legal to explain what happened. Burke tells M to go back and talk to Mr. Patterson, review the history and apologize profusely. (A)
M + G + C discuss M being called before R. (A)
I + C + G discuss the fact that I has invited even more people — nurses.
On the phone, M organizes the meeting for her mom’s power of attorney. (M)
D tries to talk to M about the botched heart surgery, but she won’t talk. (A)
Tension between C + Burke. (S2)
Mr. Patterson talks to his lawyer outside the hospital. Mr. Patterson tells M that his wife had just lost 100lbs and was in the best shape of her life. (A)

Act 3:
A works on Junkie. He says his pain level is now lower. D lists all the hospitals that have recently treated him. D tells Junkie he will be referred to a treatment center and discharged. (C)
Mr. Sturman can’t go to the party because he hasn’t pooped yet. As D tells I to discharge Junkie, Mr. Sturman teases I about not having a social life because of the hospital. (D)
I + G + A + C discuss the size of the party. I tries to talk to M, but she’s already left the hospital to run an errand. G demands that I make it very clear to M that he had nothing to do with this party. (I)
M gets to the nursing home meeting to get power of attorney from her mom. Mom is not lucid. She’s sundowning. M has a fit over how stressful everything has been. (M)
C walks into an office and, through the window, sees Burke and B discussing files. B reluctantly hands over all the files to Burke. (B)

Act 4:
Burke reads through Mrs. Drake’s files. (B)
M drives home and sees a huge party. (I)
C sees B and asks about Mrs. Drake’s towel issue. B tells her not to worry about it. (B)
I + A struggle to discharge Junkie, who makes a big deal about being in pain. I threatens to call psych, which makes him run away and accidentally his head and knock himself unconscious. A says he’s blown his left pupil and needs to get down to CT. (C)
I + A + D realize Junkie needs immediate brain surgery. D asks I if she’s going to her party. I decides to stay for brain surgery. (C + I)
M is shocked as she walks through the party at her house. She yells at G because she can’t find I. G offers to throw everyone out. M sees a drunk C dancing on the couch, grabs G’s bottle, and decides to join her. The three of them dance on the couch. (M + I)
A + I + D operate on Junkie. A confesses that his dad was an addict and he hated it. (C)
M + G + C drink and play strip poker when I’s BF, Hank, shows up. They tell him the hospital owns I because she’s an intern. He leaves. (I)
After surgery, A monitors Junkie so I can spend time with her BF. (I)
I and Hank meet outside the hospital. They have an argument over how Hank doesn’t understand or care about what I does all day. Hank leaves. I walks back to the hospital. (I)
Burke reads through Mrs. Drake’s file again. (B)
D finds M in front of her house dancing and drinking tequila. They leave together. (S)
D + M are half naked in the car, when B knocks on the window and asks them to move their car. (S)

Act 5:
I comes home to a mess. (I)
G reminds M of her career-altering meeting with R. M says Mrs. Patterson was in the best shape of her life and lost 100lbs last year. I asks about Mrs. Patterson’s muscle mass. (A)
G, I, C stand outside R’s office and bet on what will happen in the meeting. (A)
M points out that Mrs. Patterson was still 200lbs, so no one realized she was anorexic and was losing muscle — including heart muscle. They all agree that M having accidentally poked the heart would have turned into a large tear if Mrs. Patterson were anorexic. The lawyer won’t let M off the hook. Burke says that 5 years ago, he had a nagging feeling that didn’t check Mrs. Drake’s body cavity but she did fine during recovery. Even great doctors make mistakes, and when they do, they have to have the chance to speak up without fear of retribution. (A + B)
M walks out and says she only got 1 month’s probation and Burke saved her. (A + B +S2)
B tells C that Burke was always going to confess to the towel issue to R. He was just waiting for the right time. (B + S2)
Burke + C share a moment. (S2)
Mom signs power of attorney to M. (M)
A finds a rehab consultant for Junkie. (C)
Burke apologizes to Mrs. Drake, personally. (B)
B is mad at D. (S)
Mr. Sturman tells I he pooped. (D)
C + Burke have sex in a closet. (S2)
Everyone cleans up M’s house. (I)

VO: …adulthood…pretty damn good.

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Grey’s Anatomy S1E4

VO: intimacy is a 4 syllable word for “here are my heart and soul, please grind the into hamburger, and enjoy”. It’s both desire and feared. Difficult to live with and impossible to live without. Intimacy also comes attached to relatives, romance, and roommates.

M writes a check for nursing home. (M)
I walks in on G in the shower and steals his toothbrush. (H)
M looks through old family photos (M)
I tells G to buy tampons since it’s his week to grocery shop. G tries to remind I that he’s a man. I emasculated G. (H)
B teaches interns how to make friends with the pre-round patients. (story world rules)
A makes fun of I for being Doctor Model. I calls A the evil spawn. (I)
A asks about I’s hip tattoo. (I)
C tells M that she’ll get into surgery today because she got in at 4AM instead of 4:30 (A)
C makes fun of M for “screwing an attending” (S)
M chases C out of the locker room, but runs into D, who asks her to breakfast. She turns him down because she already had leftover grilled cheese. (S)
B is missing the floor chart on the new admission. (A)
C has grabbed the floor chart and bursts into Elizabeth’s room. Elizabeth used to be a scrub nurse at SGH and she sees through C. Elizabeth says that C is hoping they will give her a whipped for her pancreatic cancer. (A)
I examines Mr. Humphrey, who fuses to be seen by I because he recognizes her as a model. He shows her the photo, then throw her out because she’s not really a doctor. (B)
G argues with M because it’s not fair that M + I walk around without clothes on. G says there have to be rules. (H)
B tells M, G, A that D needs them.
M, G, A show up to help D and see a patient with nails in his head. (C)

Act 1
Jorge tripped and fell down a flight of stairs holding a nail gun. He’s still conscious, though he cannot see. (C)
C gives Burke and R a full history on Elizabeth. R says he was going to give Elizabeth to M. Elizabeth was M’s mom’s scrub nurse for 18 years and didn’t meet M once. C is jealous that M is working on a patient with nails in his head, but C gets stuck giving Elizabeth an enema. (A)
Jorge tells M he’s had mild headaches. His wife, Sona, comes in. D tells M to get a history from Sona. (C)
G + A research people accidentally shot in the head with nail guns. A asks about I + M walking around half naked in the house. He emasculates G. (C + I)
B asks I if Mr. Humphrey is prepped for his prostrate biopsy. I says she doesn’t know. B chews her out for not going inside his room, like a real doctor. I walks in. Mr. Humphrey throws her out, in front of everyone. (B)
Sona talks about Jorge’s photography. M asks about his headaches, dizziness, and disorientation. She says he has experienced it. (C)
B questions I about Mr. Humphreys. I tells B about her model shoot that just came out. I tries to back out of working with Mr. humphreys. B tells her that easy is not in her job description. She needs to run a biopsy, and if they come back positive, she needs to be in surgery. (B)
M + D discuss Jorge’s lightheadedness. M is sure there is something wrong with Jorge which caused him to fall down the stairs with the nail gun. D tells her not to make assumptions. (C)
G + A call D and tell him to get Jorge out of surgery quickly and watch for bleeding. After G leaves, A finds a copy of “Bethany Whisperer” and I’s photo. (I)
D + M start operation on Jorge, who keeps talking about his wife’s favorite color – red. (C)
Dr. Victor discusses Mr. Humphrey with B + I. He won’t spare any nerves and won’t give Mr. Humphrey the chance at a normal sex life. B calls him Limp Harry. (B)
R talks through Jorge’s operation. (C)
C, G, A watch Jorge’s operation through the gallery. Burke runs C crazy again. C leaves. I gives G her share of the grocery money. I, A emasculate G. (C + A + H)
Elizabeth goes on about doctors. Staff welcomes Elizabeth. (A)
Jorge’s surgery is done. MRI will be scheduled in the morning. (C)
C misses the rest of the surgery, and is angry to know there is no whipple scheduled. (A)
C asks Burke about Elizabeth’s whipple. He says he’s going to do something. (A)
M says hello to Elizabeth. M lies to Elizabeth about her mom. Elizabeth knows something is wrong. (A + M)
M shows mom old pictures and she doesn’t remember anything or anyone. M mentions Elizabeth and mom’s face lights up and she asks tons of questions. (A + M)

Act 2
I, M are upset that G didn’t buy tampons. They both walk ion him while he’s in the shower. I is not dressed. (H)
D, M talk to Jorge and Soma. (C)
I, G argue on their way in the hospital. Men in elevator laugh at I. Elevator door slams shut and her modeling photo is on the outside. (I)
C examines Elizabeth. Burke comes in and C says she needs to talk to him. (A)
everyone runs into the locker room. G looks inside and tries to prevent I from going in the room. (I)
The entire locker room is covered in I’s photos. A comments on her tattoo. I takes off her clothes. A is ashamed of what he’s done. I reminds him that he’s sitting on 200K of student loans and she’s out of debt. (I)
D, M examine Jorge. D asks for an MRI. (C)
I tells Mr. Humphrey that she’s a doctor and it is not a reflection of her ability as a doctor. He says that he used to fantasize about the woman in the photo and doesn’t want her there to witness his emasculation. (B)
C tells Burke that Elizabeth is getting worse. C says that Burke never intended to operate and the only reason she’s in the hospital is to die. Burke doesn’t respond. He walks away. (A)
D + M find that Jorge has a tumor. (C)

Act 3
D recommends to remove the tumor. Not all of it can be removed. Jorge will have 5-10 years. After surgery, Jorge might lose his memories. This is hard for M. There is an alternative but Jorge will have 3-5 years. (C)
M tells Elizabeth that her mom remembers her very well. Elizabeth says that “Ellis Grey never forgot a thing.” M tells her mom has Alzheimer’s. They discuss how well they know her. (M + A)
I says it’s a sweet thing for the hospital to do. C says it’s a waste of a bed and it’s a waste of her time. They tell her Elizabeth was brought here to die. C says if it were her, she’d want the doctors to do everything and cut her open until the moment she dies. M says sometimes doing everything can be worse than doing nothing. (A + M)
C looks at I’s model shoot and says is she were that beautiful she wouldn’t have a job. She wouldn’t have skills. She wouldn’t even know how to read. She’d just be naked. B beeps I. C tells I she has no right to give up the prostate surgery because her patient has see no era model shoot. (I + B)
G preps Mr. Humphrey for his surgery. B yells at I for being late. I says she can’t go into surgery because he doesn’t want her in there. B says what he wants is not to have cancer. (B)
D tells M that Jorge has decided on surgery. M stands in disbelief. (C)
Elizabeth tells C they were never going to operate. Elizabeth dies. C calls a code blue. (A)

Act 4
M watches Zona and Jorge… (C)
C tries to revive Elizabeth even though she’s DNR. (A)
M says Jorge’s quality of life will be horrible if he has surgery. Zona says she’ll remember for me both. (C + M)
Burke walks in and finds C struggling to revive Elizabeth. Burke tells C to let her die. C finally complies. (A)
I walks into surgery. I asks G if she was emasculating him. She apologizes. G tells her she put doctor model to rest. B tells Dr. Victor to save get viable nerves. He says it’ll take at least an hour longer and he might not get it all. She tells him if he needs to make his tee time, she’d be happy to finish the surgery. I walks in and tells Dr. Victor that the patient would want to have the viable nerves saved because he wants his erection. Dr. Victor tells B to get rid of I. B refuses and tells him he needs to save some viable nerves. (H + B)
Hospital staff mourns over the loss of Elizabeth. C calls TOD. (A)
D apologizes to Zona. (C)
Burke and C argue in stairwell to let her go. (A -> intimacy line b/w Burke + C)
VO: I wish there were rule book for intimacy. Wish you could see it coming. And as for rules, maybe there are none. Maybe the rules are something you have to define for yourself.
B tells I that every time Mr. Humphrey gets an erection, he’ll think of I.
Jorge takes photos of Zona.
M walks with mom.
G sees I in the bathroom when he gets out of the shower, using his toothbrush.

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Grey’s Anatomy S1E3

M can’t get away from I + G @ home. I is upset because G’s room is bigger than hers. G tells I that everything isn’t a competition. I suggests unpacking boxes and making the place more homie; I also suggests watching M’s mom’s surgery tapes. (H)
VO: 1. Always keep score. 2. Do whatever you can to outsmart the other guy. 3. Don’t make friends with the enemy. 4. Everything is a competition.
B saves D from Dead Baby Bike Race (DBBR)
R declares an early night until B reminds him of DBBR
I + C fight over John Doe. (A)
A + M fight over Viper. (C)

Act 1
A is perverted and chauvinistic.
A pulls spikes out of Viper. M argues that Viper needs tests to determine if he needs surgery. A tells M to sew Viper up and let him finish his race. (C)
I + C present John Doe to Burke and D. Burke and D say to run a few tests and if patient doesn’t respond in 6 hours, then declare him brain dead. (A)
G tries to scrub in but R tells him to monitor all pre and post-op patients, especially VIP, Lloyd Mackey. (B)
Mackey is in bed with his robe and leopard skin bed sheets. He lights a cigarette. G puts it out. Mackey says he has liver cancer and has been on the top of the transplant list for months. Mackey hits on G. (B)

Act 2
C + I run tests on John Doe, who is non-responsive. They debate about whether being brain dead means you’re really dead. (HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN PERSONALITIES) (A)
I asks about medical miracles and D walks in and says that’s why they run so many tests.
C complains about patient and not dying yet because she’d rather start another case and go into surgery. (A)
I goes through John Doe’s things and says he belonged to somebody. I says to wait for him to die would be a waste of life. C says it would be a waste of organs. (A)
Viper hits on M as she finishes his stitches. She wants to run tests on him but he insists on leaving. (B)
Viper kisses M. (B + S)
D sees the kiss and hits on M. M states it’s the thrill of the chase that entices D. (S)
B in the middle of an op. C + I walk in and ask the protocol for harvesting organs on a John Doe. I believes his life should mean something. C wants a harvest surgery. (HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN PERSONALITIES) B tells them to ID him, find the family, and get consent. (A)
At nurse’s station, G complains to A about Mackey hitting on him. A comments on G being gay. G asks C if M thinks he’s gay.
C + I ask nurse to help police ID John Doe. Nurse mentions organ donation. G asks John Doe’s blood type and look through Mackey’s file. (A + B)
I talks to John Doe and asks him to get better. John Doe crashes. His machine beeps. (A)

Act 3
I grabs M from the hallway to help John Doe. M tells her to call a code blue. I says he is brain dead, but still has 27 minutes before he’s declared dead and has every right to the next 27 minutes. M + I decide to transfuse him. (A)
G examines Mackey’s liver while Mackey hits on him. (B)
C tells I + M that a radiologist has found that John Doe needs heart surgery to remain a viable donor. I argues that he’s going to live. (HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN PERSONALITIES) C + M try to get him into surgery. I tries to find the family. (A)
C + M find Burke in the men’s room and tell him John Doe needs an aortic repair because he is an excellent candidate for organ donation. Burke declines. (A)
M asks D how to get around Burke. D says R needs to be involved. (A)
C, I, M ask G how close a match John Doe is for Mackey’s liver. G says it’s a perfect match. They ask G to go over Burke’s head to R because R will save his VIP. (A + B)
G tells R he found Mackey a liver. R talks to Burke as C, I, M, and A watch on. (A + B)
Burke performs aortic repair on John Doe with A assisting. (A)
C, M, I, G look on from gallery and each comment independently. (HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENCE IN PERSONALITIES) Nurse tells them that John Doe has been ID’d and his wife is on the way. (A)
I stands at John Doe’s side. His wife walks in and IDs him as Kevin. I says they can wait until morning but if there’s no change, they’d like to talk to her about organ donation. (A)
R tells Mackey that G may have found him a liver. (B)
A comes onto M and she tells him off. D walks in. A claims she attacked him. D throws out A. M is really angry. (S)
@ home, I has unpacked some boxes and decorated the house. G + I go through M’s mom’s surgical tapes. M has a fit and let’s out all her anger. (H)

Act 4
M complains to C about how she hates living with G + I because they’re too nice. (H)
A makes chauvinistic remark as A, I, C summarize the day ahead.
C gets Kevin’s wife to sign consent forms. Kevin’s wife is OK with major organs, slightly uncomfortable about corneas, and downright angry about skin. C walks out. B goes after her. C explains that she can’t talk to families. B explains to her the human side of harvesting Kevin’s organs and how he was someone’s husband and son before he became a harvest surgery. C walks back in and talks to Kevin’s family. (A)
Mackey asks G out. G explains he’s not gay. Mackey explains he was just joking and dying is a get out of jail free card. G says he has a crush on M. G won’t touch Mackey’s hand. (B)
Burke, I, C prep Kevin for harvest surgery. I talks to Kevin. Burke tells her it’s OK to say goodbye. (A)
M sees Viper in pit. Viper coughs up blood and passes out. (C)

Act 5
A + M put Viper on a gurney and take him to B. B throws A out of OR. (C)
R + G start surgery on Mackey. (B)
I doesn’t want to watch harvest surgery, because surgeons feel like vultures. C says each of them represent someone who’s going to live because of Kevin. (A)
Harvest Surgery takes place – G takes liver. (A + B)
G delivers liver to Mackey’s surgery. (B)
Kevin flatlines and his surgery is done. Everyone leaves. I stays behind to sew him up for his family. C helps. (A)

Act 6
C + I walk through waiting room. C tells I that she should speak to family. I tells Kevin’s wife and daughter that they can see him. Kevin’s wife snubs C. (A)
M + B talk to Viper’s friends in waiting room. Friends ask if he’s OK but B has a fit telling them how reckless they are and how someone died today because of them. M tells them Viper will live. (C)
In locker room, D says that he’s not after M because of the thrill of the chase, but that he’s attracted to her. She says she still won’t go out with him. (S)
R tells Mackey that his operation went smoothly. G grabs Mackey’s hand and Mackey says. “The pretty ones always come crawling back.” (B)
Viper celebrates with friends. (C)
VO: Rule #5: It’s not about the race at all. There are no winners or losers. Victories are counted by the number of lives saved.
M comes home to see C, I, G watching mom’s skin grafting surgery and having pizza. G blames C. M joins them all. (H)

greysAnatomy, shondaRhimes, television

Grey’s Anatomy – S1E2

M posts ad for 2 roommates (A)
VO: lines/boundaries between you and the rest of the world
M puts leopard-print loafers in her locker (B1)
M rejects a co-worker as potential roommate for being too young. (A)
G + I beg M to let them be her roommates but she says they’re together 100 hours/week and that should be enough (A)
B gives the interns their assignments. M asks B to assist in OR in exchange for a mocha latte. Everyone else asks for a chance too. B shuts everyone down, then takes the mocha latte. (C)
D + M discuss his love of ferry boats as they get on elevator. (D)
On elevator, M says she’s drawing a line, but they make out until the elevator stops. (D)
Hospital staff pulls M to help unconscious rape victim, Allison, who has the same leopard-print loafers as M, except Allison’s are covered in blood. (B1 + B2)
D + Burke operate on Allison, whose rape kit came back negative because she fought back. Burke pulls out an object from Allison’s digestive tract. M IDs it as a penis. (B3)

Act 1
D says Allison needs to wake up in 72 hours. (B)
Burke invites D to drinks to know why he moved from Manhattan to Seattle. Burke is surprised to learn that Chief asked D to move across the country. (E)
G optimistically tells C he’ll save lives on the code team; she makes fun of his idealistic nature. (H)
C complains about being overqualified to deliver lab results. B shows up and says A has been re-assigned to her team and needs to shadow C; C + A already hate each other. (G)
G gets a page. G runs to code team, introduces himself and tries to save a life. (H)
I tries to suture Ms. Lu, who doesn’t speak English, but no one in the pit can translate any of the Chinese dialects. (F)
M carries penis to Chief’s office. Secretary and Chief tell her that chain of custody rules say she needs to maintain custody of penis until police collect it. (B3)
C + A tell a patient and family that he doesn’t need surgery; family hugs and kisses C. (G)
M shows penis to C + G. (B3)
M says she has the same shoes as Allison. G convinces M to visit baby ward. (C)
G + M fawn over babies; G leaves to answer page. (comedic – C)
M sees baby turn blue. (C)

Act 2
M examines baby. Baby’s doctor shows up and argues with M. Dr throws M out because she doesn’t belong in pediatric ward. (C)
C shows up to I; I wants her to help with Chinese lady but C is Korean and grew up in Beverly Hills. (F)
Burke and Chief argue because Burke doesn’t want to compete with D over Chief of Surgery position. Burke claims he’s the best surgeon at SGH with the lowest mortality rate. Burke refuses to ask Chief why he’s no longer first in line for Chief of Surgery. (E)
C + A complain about delivering good test results and not having any operations or real work. C + A split up test result pile (10 + 10) and race through team so they don’t have to hug patients or their families. (G)
C + A speeding through medical jargon, delivering good news to patients and doing their best to avoid hugs.
M asking a bunch of interns, who want to be her roommate, what their favorite 80s groups are; she walks away disappointed
G declares TOD
M stares at Allison; D tells her he’s called all hospitals in the country and hasn’t found the attempted rapist. M asks if Allison has family; D says ‘no’ and she just moved to Seattle. (B1)
M says she has to do something. M attempts to get Burke to look at baby but Burke says he is busy and there are rules. (C)
I sutures a man who hits on her, then sutures Ms. Lu, who still rambles on in a Chinese dialect. (F)
M + C sit by the entrance and talk about M making out with D and wearing the same shoes as Allison. (B2)
M + C take man to OR; M tells B that man has a severed penis. B tells M to call Chief and tell him they have the rapist. (B1)

Act 3
B operates on rapist while M + C discuss Allison. (B1)
Burke asks Chief why he’s no longer the #1 surgeon; Chief says he does only exactly as much as is necessary and needs to earn being Chief. (E)
Burke stares at Meredith. (C)
D sits with Allison (B1)
I apologetically throws Ms. Lu out because she has patients lined up. (F)
In the tunnels, everyone complains about their day; M says the police won’t come so she has to spend the night with the penis. (B3)
B shows up and makes them leave.
M talks to the baby’s parents (C)
Pediatric intern gets her boss and threatens M’s career (C)
Pediatric interns argue with M. (C)
Burke shows up and takes the baby as a patient. (C + E)
I is done with patients; Ms. Lu comes back and leads I out of the hospital (F)
I + Ms. Lu run through the parking lot in the rain; @ the dumpster is a woman with a deep head wound. (F)

Act 4
I tries to get woman to go inside hospital; woman is illegal immigrant and won’t set foot inside the hospital. (F)
I runs into the hospital alone. (F)
Burke tells M that baby needs operation but also says that M is not allowed to do anything like this again. (C + E)
Burke talks to the parents
G on code team
C + A get hugs
I steals supplies
D watches over Allison
G walks out on dead patient and code team (H)
I treats woman and tells her to come back in 5 days and meet at the dumpster and not tell anyone she helped outside the hospital because she might lose her job. (F)
Ms. Lu thanks I. (F)
Burke asks B if he’s too confident; she says ‘no’. He gives her 30 seconds free time and she chews him out. (E)
In locker room, G says he feels like the angel of death since starting on code team. C tells him that 90% of patients who code don’t come back. (H)
M + pediatric intern discuss the baby’s upcoming surgery and how scared they are as interns (C)
M asks D if he stayed with Allison all night; he says he can’t imagine not having a family M she says she can but then she pretends she still has her mom. (B1)
D hits on M; she tells him to shut up. (D)
M talks about baby and Allison and all their similarities. (B2)
Allison’s machines start beeping and a team rushes in. (B1)

Act 5
M + D in the hallway; D says he had to leave Allison’s skull flap off temporarily. (B1)
M + D says Allison will be fine if she wakes up. (B1)
Burke and D discuss how Chief promised same position to both of them and they are each other’s competition (E)
M gives penis to police (B3)
In OR, Burke promises M chance to hold clamp during baby’s surgery. (C)
D tells rapist that he’ll live but they’re giving his penis to the police. (B1)
C + A give good news and C pushes A into patient’s embrace. (G)
VO: Boundaries don’t keep other people out, they fence you in.
M agrees to G + I as roommates (A)
Allison wakes up (B1)
M + D discuss ferry boats. She won’t cross THAT boundary. (D)