"To destroy is always the first step in any creation." -e.e. cummings

So many of us fear destruction.  Such a terrible thing, to be taken apart piece by piece.  And yet, it is the destiny of all of us.  We let go of the false.  We let go of the image, the illusion, the mirage, that has held us back from our true source.

“Statues made of matchsticks crumble into one another.
My Love winks, she does not bother.  She knows too much to argue or to judge.”
-Bob Dylan

Destruction is the most necessary part of life.  How could we become true without letting go of falsehoods, of our ego, of the lies we tell ourselves to keep us going just another day.  We were not meant to be part of the status quo.  We were meant to be extraordinary and to rise above even ourselves.  We are like the Phoenix that burns in its own fire and rises from its own ashes.  Destruction reminds us that this is not our true form.  That we are capable of greater things than our minds can comprehend.  We are not caterpillars inching around the ground.  We die.  And one day, we soar.  It is only when we accept ourselves in all our shame, our humility, and our helplessness that we find true glory.  And we realize it’s been sitting at the door waiting for us all along.

“I have lived on the lip of insanity
Wanting to know reasons
Knocking on a door, it opens
I have been knocking from the inside!”


2 thoughts on “"To destroy is always the first step in any creation." -e.e. cummings

  1. I enjoyed your post, very intuitive!
    Yes the first step in rebuilding is always destruction. My brother owns a renovations company. I worked for him one summer a few years back. Some of his clients are quite wealthy, and live in a state of utter opulence. It broke my heart to see some of the beautiful rooms and structures that had to be destroyed to make way for new decor.

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