Groundhog Day

I’m reminded today of the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray.  While on some level an annoyingly comical movie that only Bill Murray could possible pull off.  I am faced these days with patterns in life, patterns that hold me stagnant, until I break them.

As I sit, counting the moments to true love’s kiss, until the first snowfall, the moment when the pattern breaks, I say honestly, it is a horribly painful experience to repeat the same patterns in all your relationships, be they professional or personal.  To be exposed to the horrible details of how others view you, of how much you really mean to them, of how much pain they could deliberately cause.

Healing is an incredible gift.  Seeing ugliness, in ourselves or those we once loved, is a horrible thing that I would not wish on my worst enemy.  A necessary evil until we get down to the core of who we really are, who we were supposed to be.

Each night I pray tomorrow I can start fresh.  And then I see it coming…I hear Sonny and Cher and cringe.  Everyday, though, I learn something about myself.  Who knows…pray with me that tomorrow may be different, for all of us.


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