free verse

Gold and Silver

They came to me yesterday
With offers
Of Gold and Silver
and a safety I have never known.
Things for which I’ve always longed.
I asked them, “How do you like it here?”
“We are stuck,” they said.
“Stuck and old.  Too old to change.
But you…you will like it.  Safe and calm and ever-reaching.
You will want for nothing while you are here.”
The offer is clear.
Safety, in exchange for growth.
But is one worthy of the other?

The call to what is safe and stable.
The call to what is wild and unknown.
Knowing I cannot have them both.
Knowing one call will become a murmur
and one day die…

I ask for what I’ve never asked before.
Give me something that will pierce my skin,
and make me cry.
Remind me that I’m still alive.
Bring me death and back again.
Leave me to starve.
Then bring me to banquets beyond my imagine.
Make me run, until I have no place to go.
And then reveal yourself to me, in the simplest of ways.
Remind me what I was before I came to this place.
Before I was tempted with all that was not mine.
Leave me to explore all the wonder
and the horror
and the depth
that is You.


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