free verse

My Scimitar

A swinging of my sword
A chilling shriek of pain
Heathens to my left and right
There will not be an end in sight
Trembling, crying as I slay
The creatures that come forth
Day after day
Mud on my clothes
Blood on my hair
No food or water to be found
Just the onslaught that will never end
My scimitar, it bends and curves
A flick of the wrist
And it ends all woes
For today
For the moment
For the threat at hand
And what becomes of me tomorrow?
What monsters can you send my way?
Will all this dying never cease?
Will glad tidings ever find their way?
I screech inside
I die a little with each fight
If only it did not end this way
I wanted to be friends
But life would not allow
The wild imaginings of a child
Against the realities of world
I am sorry I sought out to find you
I’m sorry I’ve left all I know behind
I’m sorry I lied to the fates and heaven
To love that would have held me close
Phantoms haunt me each moment I’m awake
My hallowed ground slowly recedes
Where else can I go?
What more battle lies ahead?
My blade calls me forth
To end my own agony
A thing that you would never do
I pray tomorrow will be different
I pray the dawn is coming soon.